Teary Tuesday! 

It was a rather painful Tuesday morning this week. My child(now 3 years old) has started nursery very recently and still gets upset on and off while I drop him. And on this day, he cried like never before. I was standing there not knowing what to do really. I just bravely put up a smile and decided to be cool and composed. But it wasn’t helping. I had to leave anyway. He saw me through the window while I was trying hard to smile and wave bye bye but all I could see was a face that was begging for me to not go. But he still waved back!

At that point, I loved him like never before simply because he was able to wave bye bye while he was full of tears at the same time because he is trying to keep his mummy happy. Oh what a lovely little boy I thought! 

 I quickly got back to the car and guess what I did??? I cried for a good two minutes after which this silly mummy felt good! Here’s what was going through my mind. I now know I cannot have him next to me forever. I have to learn to let him discover things on his own some day. And these days are just the beginning of it all. And I headed off to a spinning session at the gym which is the only reason why I like getting exhausted at the gym to be honest. I love spinning. It helps me focus and helps me think through things from a nicer perspective. A good 30 minute workout helped me get through the morning after which I got home to cook some lunch and went back to pick him up only to find him sitting in the reading corner engrossed in books. And so involved that he didn’t even notice I was standing there for about five minutes. And, I then had to get his attention by whispering a hello and that smile he had on his face when he looked up to see me made everthing so worth it…. 

If anybody ever asks me,  I think It is this part of motherhood that has been the biggest challenge so far. The part where they grow up to do such things like going to school and being on their own…. 



We are back in London after a rather long holiday in India. This week has been busy as we have had a lot of things to clear out and also do all the unpacking. We are almost done and slowly this change is starting to feel more normal. I even managed to whip up some dosa batter in between all the de-cluttering. Last night I was the tired mother who was sipping on a glass of Merlot and also trying to make dosas for the half pint who was happily sat on the kitchen counter to see his mum in action. Somehow, those few moments I shared with him while I served him and watched him eat made me feel oh so nostalgic. I was the little child in my mother’s kitchen who always sat on the counter and enjoyed having food off the stove while mom and I spoke random things. Yesterday, I saw myself sharing a slice of my childhood with Neil while he enjoyed his dinner just like the way I used to. This whole scene from last night made me feel something that pretty much sums up life for me. All I want to do is cook for the family with a bottle of wine perhaps….

It may only be appropriate to share one of my favourite recipes while I am talking about how much I love to cook. The recipe is only a matter of getting things in order and layering them up to form a Tiramisu. This is a non-alcoholic version only because I find the existing amount of coffee and cocoa is enough for me to go bonkers. So feel free to add a bit of rum to your coffee decoction if you are more grown-up than I am.



Cocoa powder to sprinkle the tiramisu

Coffee to wet the sponge fingers

Mascarpone -500 g

Eggs- 6 medium

Sugar -120 g

Finger sponge -it depends on the size of the box/tin u will use


This is the dish I like to use so it is easy to build a neat layer. The wider the better!

First prepare the coffee like you would normally do.( enough to soak the finger sponges , I usually fill a pasta plate) pour into a bowl and let it cool.

Whip the egg yolks with half the sugar to obtain a very light and creamy mixture.

Add the mascarpone to the mixture and work the whole thing with a whisk (or wooden spoon until creamy with no lumps, At this stage it should be very creamy

Whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar (the remaining half), with a wooden spoon, add them gradually and gently into the mixture of mascarpone and egg yolks, so you now have the cream for the tiramisu.

Soak the sponge fingers one by one in the coffee and start to build your layers.

Cover the fingersponge soaked with a layer of mascarpone cream adjusting with a spoon.

Sprinkle the surface with cocoa powder. Go ahead with  the second layer of fingersponge, cream and cocoa. Also, if before you have them arranged vertically, then place them horizontally (and vice-versa).

Complete with plenty of cocoa powder to cover the surface of your Tiramisu and Store in refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

A Mangooooeey fudge recipe.

Is your mother one of those generous souls who never knows to cook in small quantities? Mine for sure doesn’t know. The other day when we were on the phone chatting, my mother had told me she was busy all day as her dearest sister visited her after long. I knew she must have cooked a lot and spent the day gossiping and also exchanging recipes etc etc etc. My auntie is no less when it comes to cooking. She cooks well and cooks a lot of food each meal. These two ladies can happily spend their time watching tele, shopping and what not. Simply because they have a lot of house helpers and they can afford to be served each meal. So much so that I do feel very jealous at times. But despite all the help, they  choose to cook each meal only taking very little help from the maids. They find so much pleasure and happiness in cooking for others. Be it for the men of the house or for maids, the food is the same. And needless to say, the food is way too delicious when it is cooked with so much love. I have seen my mum make dosas after dosas for her maid and still does. I would’ve expected it the other way round, but such is the kind of love the family shows when it comes to serving food. I failed to understand this respect while I was younger, but I am ever so glad that I have realised it now. I may not cook enough to feed an army like they do, but whatever little I cook, I cook with love.

While we are on the theme of cooking with love and no negativity, I did manage to flop a lovely recipe this week. I tried to bake a cardamom cake and failed miserably. Not because I went in with anger, but because I was lacking sleep. That’s all!  But we all tasted it a little bit while it was warm, and fed the rest to the ducks this morning. Oh poor ducks, they must’ve cursed me later on for giving them such awful cakes. But just to compensate for that cake disaster and feel rather good about fixing our vintage refrigerator, I thought I should make an easy dessert that I was quite sure would be a hit with the boys because whats not to love about anything with mango in it. I have been wanting to make fudges for a while and this came about as a good chance. It was whipped in five minutes and cooked in seven minutes. But took overnight to set as a fudge. Yummy was my son’s response while he was licking my mangoo-eeey fingers.


I thought I should share this very simple recipe on the blog and here it is

Mango puree- 1 cup or less (I used Alphonso)

Milk powder-3 cups

Double cream – 180-200ml

Sweetened condensed milk – According to your preference for sweetness

A pinch of saffron

Mix all the ingredients except mango puree. Do a taste check for sweetness.

Microwave for 3-4 minutes till it starts to bubble on the sides. Take it out and tip in the puree and mix well.

Microwave again for 3-4 minutes till it has bubbled well and looks like a thick paste.

At this stage, it should be still a bit flowy. Now, take a plate or a wide pan, grease with ghee or butter. Spread the cooked mixture evenly. Let it cool before you refrigerate for setting.

Beautiful looking easy peasy fudge is ready to be gobbled up.

mango blog 1


Our reading journey –Part 2 of Our favourite books


If you have read my previous post here, you may have known that I embarrass my husband quite often. But you might have also read that I do a few things that save me from all the rubbish I get up to. Number one is cooking good food and here is number two– Reading with my little boy.

This post is also a continuation to one of my very early posts (Our favourite baby books so far! )on our favourite baby books. I am going to share our journey into the world of books and also list a few of the best books we have come across and are currently reading.

Initially during the baby days, the idea was to only sit down and feel the book. So it was like listening for ten seconds and then probably throwing it around and a bit of tasting too. Then gradually as he got to being 7 months old, we could sit down and read a bit more each day. Which meant, we had a favourite page in each book and we would only see that page in each book for weeks. But at this stage, I was happy that he at least sat down with me and sometimes very patiently too. He may have had no choice with his stubborn mummy but at least I knew he was getting close to loving the whole idea of reading a book. And when he was almost a year old, he started to sit through for four or five pages. After which, we decided to venture out to little story books. Our first story book called “The very fiddly fish” was a big success. It really is a very cute story. This is the time he actually started enjoying books more than I ever thought he would. He loved to point and asked me to repeat the same word over and over again. And he would do this with every book. And it was amazing to see the enthusiasm at such a tender age.

After he got to being 18months old, I started to let him choose his own books from the library. This way, I felt he enjoyed every book we borrowed. Today, Although he enjoys choosing his books to take home, he also finds swiping the card and throwing the book into the return box equally exciting. I find great pleasure in seeing all this and also a bit of relief that he can do all these little jobs by himself.

For now, we read as and when he insists. Some days it might be around lunch time, some days as soon as we wake up, or some very odd times like when mummy is dressing up. So, there is no pattern except for our bedtime collections. While I do most of the reading to him, he also gets very excited to share his new books with his daddy. It is rather adorable to watch them read together as it is very different from the way he reads with me. I like going in a particular manner which may look rather silly if you watched me read with him. But my approach has always been baby-led. He chooses and I follow. When he reads with daddy, it is fun to watch too because they go about looking randomly and sometimes they even build their own stories. Yay for the love of books!!!!

In no particular order, here are some of our current favourites.

Touch and feel books are really wonderful. Usborne books have a lot of topics under this series. We never got a chance to borrow much of them as they were not available to loan. But we were lucky to read a few of them in the children centres. These books have a simple theme – a little story told using various structures and textures in each page. And the phrase “that’s not my…” in every page gets the anticipation and keeps them engaged for longer. And they use real-life objects like vehicles or animals to explain the various textures like bumpy or rough or smooth etc.

We would also highly recommend the below books as they are so good to read on their own too. So These can come in handy and will  keep your toddler busy for a while when you have to do your chores or  in places where one has to wait. There are lots of pictures in all of these to keep the imaginations going.

 Oh, I cannot begin to tell you how much I love reading with my little boy. It probably is the next best thing to eating and sleeping  for us. It gives us such joy and a lot of togetherness which is what I love the most. Ok, besides the bonding factor, it really is being a great tool overall.

What are your thoughts on reading with your kid? Tell us your favourites too…

A few ways I embarrass my better-half and a tikka recipe.

I do feel that the husband-wife relationship is probably the most funniest of all relationships. At least, in my case it is. Well, purely because, I never fail to amuse him and so does he. Oh but I am the agreed winner when it comes to being an total embarrassment. I hope at least by writing it all down, I will learn to grow up and act rather lady-like.

  1. Love for noisy eating- I cannot help but be plainly honest on this one. I eat a lot and making all kinds of noise like aaahh, mmmm( sometimes you may even hear me chewing) gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. But my ever so polite husband is hugely embarrassed while dining out with me. Even while we go to an okayish place, I am still making noise out of disappointment because my food wasn’t to my expectations.
  2. Many good things come in small packages – My love for little things – I am a sucker for small things. Sometimes, I don’t mind paying more than its worth as long it is small and pretty. For e.g, on our way back home from our holiday recently, I had bought a lovely pot of yoghurt (made of plain glass-nothing too fancy) but looked very good to me for the price. This pot kept me dreaming of what I would use for after I have finished the yoghurt. And reality hit me when the airpot security told me off as I couldn’t carry that size in my hand baggage. They were kind enough to let me finish the yoghurt and take the bottle empty if I wanted. And like a silly young woman, I ate all of it in front of them in two minutes and was then allowed to carry it. So, while all this happened, my husband still kept his cool. But I knew, he was wondering how on earth could I come up with such new ways of embarrassing him. But all that mattered to me was bringing that darn pot home and I did.
  3. Talking loud – Well, coming from a place like India, how many of us talk slow and low toned? I don’t always talk loud but sometimes it just happens when I really have to convey my point. I know being loud makes no guarantee that I will win any argument but at least I have got him listening. But, honestly, I am way better now than I used to be. Thanks to my new role as a mother that has helped me tone down drastically.
  4. My OCD rules- Ever so embarrassing. I would ask him to check the refrigerator door a hundred times before we hit the bed. I would ask him about thrice if the doors were locked. I would ask him to check on the lights a few times. I would ask him to make sure his wardrobe door wasn’t kept open while we are off to bed. He really is one cool-headed man for he deals with these awkward things every single day.
  5. My rather amazing sense of spacial awareness- While we go out together, It feels as if I don’t have to worry about being dangerously close to someone or something. Somehow, I take it for granted that I won’t be hurt. But fate has it that I always end up hurting myself more in some small way when I go with my husband than when I am alone. These kind of things happen at supermarkets mostly. Incase, you didn’t know, a majority of them are huge and have dodgy trolleys here. While we are there shopping,  I am half the time dreaming of what new vegetable to buy or what new ingredient I could add to my existing recipes. So, I am kind of not really paying attention to who is around. For the record, I have got my feet badly stamped by a rather giant footed man who obviously saw me standing and doing the packing at the till.  And now my ever so practically-thinking husband points to me by saying I should have worn proper shoes and also looked around before I started packing. Well, little did I know or expect that I would get hurt if I walked into a store with a flip-flop. Well, many people do don’t they? But why is it that I am the one who gets caught up?  The reason is simple, my sense of spacial awareness is very poor and had I been mindful enough to see that giant man earlier than that, I would’ve been more careful and stood an inch away. But I didn’t and I went ahead blocking the way and ended up getting hurt.

These are just a few things I am a regular at. Besides these, I have had my fair share of moments where I have dropped things off the floor and looked very clumsy too. If truth be told, I am only getting better by the minute. I am also looking forward to hearing what my son thinks of all this in a few years. I am only hoping to not embarrass him as much although I do have a few ideas already 😉

In order to save myself from all the embarrassment, I do make things that make my boys go oooooo and aaaahhhh. For e.g, I make a decent variety of food to begin with. So today, being Easter sunday, I cooked Salmon tikka and a vegetarian version with paneer, some potato wedges and simple cumin spiced rice. And a very easy vanilla yoghurt with berries to finish it all on a sweet note. My husband gave me a big thumbs up for the salmon. I want to admit it that this probably was my best attempt in making a good tikka. It was delicious and full of flavour.

lucnh 2

So, in case any of you are interested in the tikka recipe, here is what you will need 🙂

Choose any vegetable or meat of your choice. ( Some suggestions for a vegetarian version include broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes and cottage cheese too)

To make the basic tikka marinade: 

  1. Hung curd/yoghurt – This is the result of hanging up some yoghurt in a muslin cloth for a couple of hours atleast to drain the water. The longer it is kept for draining, the thicker and creamier your yoghurt will be. I left mine for four hours. 
  2. Ginger garlic paste- 
  3. Green chilli paste – roughly pounded in a mortar and pestle or you can even grind it coarsely
  4. Cumin powder
  5. Garam masala
  6. Kashmiri chilli powder
  7. Turmeric
  8. A few saffron strands
  9. Kasuri Methi or dried fenugreek leaves
  10. Salt 

These are the ingredients for the marinade. Depending on the quantity of fish/vegetable, make a marinade by carefully mixing all the above. If you are making it with fish, then DO a salt check before you add to the raw fish. Then gently coat the fish and vegetables and leave it to marinate for atleast 30 minutes. And now bake/grill in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or till you see some dark roasting spots here and there. If you don’t have an oven or you are too lazy to use the one you have, then You can also pan fry these with some butter or oil on a medium flame till its all cooked through well.

Today, along with the salmon, I added cubes of red and green peppers/capsicum and onions. I marinated all of these together and it took me about 20 minutes in my oven to get that roasted look. Finally, squeeze very little lemon before serving.

This can be had with any flatbread for a hearty lunch or just had on its own for a light meal.

easy dessert


This was our dessert. Since, I did not have much time today, I just added some vanilla paste and few sprinkles of sugar to plain greek yoghurt and layered it with strawberries and blueberries. It was solely for the darling son who loves berries and yoghurt. However, It was rather scrumptious and we enjoyed it too. On that note, A very Happy Easter to you and yours!

Touchy-feely Mother’s Day post! 

It’s Mother day in the UK on this Sunday (6th March). And just about two years and a week ago, I was still pregnant with a rather huge bump and only tossing and turning on the bed wondering when the bun was going to come out of the oven. I was excited, nervous and happy all at the same time. But when my bundle did come out, I was overwhelmed and didn’t have any words to express what I was feeling just like any new mother would’ve felt. Okay, so days passed by as we did the feed/change/nap routine for a good three months and by that time I felt I needed to get out more and see the world. And start sharing it with my little one too. So, slowly we progressed to taking walks and then going to grocery shopping and then sometimes for a quick meal outside too. Life was changing as everything I did was based on how it would affect the baby. And at the same time, I was longing to feel like a mother so badly but I was failing only because It was all so stressful and I never did much other feed and change for him. But as we got to the fourth month, something changed. Something good! Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling as tired as I used to feel and I was slowly starting to feel like a mother. I started to observe my baby more than I ever did. I still cannot forget the way he smiled at me around 4am one morning. The smile, where the eyes sparkle and that little face was filled with way too much love for me. That was when I decided, I was never going to feel stressed about being a new mother and would try my best to be in the moment with my baby. It surprised me that I started to feel so positive quite quickly and tried to enjoy every bit. Not that I was depressed and angry for the first 3 months but just that I didn’t really get a chance to feel anything else other than being tired.

So, now its been two years with my boy and I feel as if my life has changed for the best. I love being a mother. I do not think anything else can match this happiness ever. I may have missed being out all day without having to worry about cooking or cleaning. But all those memories look rather strange and boring. I find helping my little boy with his puzzles and cooking some fresh food much more interesting than being out and about like a pretty young woman.

Best of all, what this bundle that is two years old now has taught me is that the best kind of love is one where you put other’s need in front of your own. I may have learnt quite a bit with my husband too but this boy has taken it to new heights. Now, who would’ve thought these days I say that I do not want that banana cake and leave it out in the open??? And what’s even better is that I feel a sense of great acomplishment when I can happily watch my men eat. I may have not been so selfless before the baby but you see how much this motherhood can turn you upside down? Ok, I know it is not about just giving up good food or sleep but its about how much time you give. It’s about sacrificing your own interests for this little person whom you bought into this world and for whom you feel responsible. Which is why I spend all day playing and talking about what we do and what we saw at the park so we can come home and cuddle with daddy and tell him about what we did all day. Oh these are the kind of things that make me feel good. And I cannot be more thankful for being able to give so much time and feel better about it too.

Leaving you with a nice quote I came across this week on motherhood and also wishing you a very happy Mother’s day from us.





My thoughts on having a boy and recipe for a spicy south Indian gravy!

Hurrah! my boy is going to be 2 next month. Although I am very happy to see him grow and shine, I am also secretly wishing for him to stay a little boy forever. Little boys should never grow.Yep, I am going to be biased here. There is something very very very nice about having a boy. Perhaps, he is the only one who thinks I am so beautiful even on my bad hair days which is almost very often. And he is the only one who loves me despite giving him the same ol’ carrots and lentils for three days in a row.

My husband always wanted a boy more than me. He knows me too well to have wished for one because I am having way too much fun now. I kind of hoped for a girl as I love being one and thought it would’ve been easier to raise one too. Plus, I also feared having to look at too many cars and trains and all that. I couldn’t have been more stupid really. Because one fine day, this boy entered into my world and blew me away. So much so that I don’t mind raising a dozen of boys. I love the way he helps me see the world through his tiny little eyes. I now think fire trucks and magnetic trains are the coolest things ever. I enjoy seeing digger trucks and car transporters on road. I get excited when I spot the bus before he does. I love dinosaurs and fast cars. Enough said!

Onto a lovely recipe passed onto me from my mother. It is a very spicy black pepper based gravy. South indian at its best. Perfect to have with bread or rice . For a non vegetarian version, just add chicken.

Melagu Kuzhambu or Black pepper gravy 

Pepper kuzhambu final

Here is what you will need:

Black peppercorns/Melagu in Tamil – A handful 

Cumin seeds- One heaped teaspoon

Dried Red chilli – 2

Chana dal/Yellow Split peas- 3/4th quantity of black pepper

Urad dal – Half the amount of Chana dal

Tamarind – size of golf ball soaked in lukewarm water or use 2 spoons of paste

Shallot onions- atleast 6 

Garlic pods- according to your preference (we add around 10 bulbs as we are a little partial to garlic)

To season: Curry leaves, Mustard seeds and Gingelly oil 

Method :

In a wide pan, dry roast black pepper, cumin seeds, red chilli and the dals individually. yes, its a bit time taking but worth it. Lightly roast them till you can fill the entire house with a wonderful aroma.

Once a bit cooled, grind all of the above with the tamarind water/paste till it forms a nice smooth paste.

Heat a kadai/gravy pot, add gingelly oil and season with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Add onions and garlic now. Saute till translucent.

Now add the ground paste and add little water to loosen it up to a gravy like consistency. Also, once boiled, the gravy does tend to reduce so add a little extra water if you wish to.

Let it boil well for 8-9 minutes in a rather low flame. Keep stirring as and when required. This delicious concoction is ready to be served hot with a bowl of rice and a dollop of ghee. Pure bliss! Perfect for those wintry nights!


One long bumpy ride (If you will excuse the pun)

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Being pregnant, as almost every woman would say is probably the next best thing to becoming the bride or even better than that for me actually. Although nothing beats the joy of “being” a mother for me now. Anyway, I did enjoy being the bride and all the attention but the love and support you get while you are sporting that bump is quite a special feeling. Be it from your family stuffing you with a lot of food or from a stranger trying to give you more room to walk through, it sure makes you feel good. You feel like you are the most important person wherever you go other than the maternity clinic of course. I tried to be active for the most part of my pregnancy and decided to work until I was almost 9 months through. Purely because I could shop almost every Friday on my way back from home. Sometimes, I wandered aimlessly inside the London Victoria station with a cup of hot chocolate and have ended up missing trains on many such occasions with no regret. I thought this was a good exercise for my body, going in and out of shops and changing my mind and again getting into the same store to buy what I thought was kind of rubbish at first. Oh dear oh dear!what a silly! Anyhow, the aim of this post is to only give you some sort of comfort if you are up the duff.

That Yucky yeww nauseating feeling during the first trimester can really make you feel horrible and weird. Yes, weird!!! Because you might surprise yourself by starting to hate things that you’ve always loved eating or the other way around. But, somehow my hormones didn’t over react to any type of food although I do remember a couple of days when I was so badly craving for a bunch of radish. Nothing else bothered me much! I even enjoyed my morning cup of coffee pretty much on all days. So, if you are one of those suffering from severe morning sickness, then just try to relax and do what your body tells you to do. Even if it is asking you to get that chocolate ice cream or a jar of nutella, go for it but set your limits too. Carrying all that weight can really strain your back muscles a lot. I was often complaining about back pains more so with the daily commute to work with my handbag and always holding some food or drink too(Yes,I could not stop eating). The only thing I did was to relax and take plenty of rest. Sometimes, even a nice warm bath can help too. You might have already known that eating a good variety of food often, in small quantities will keep your energy levels up during the day. I tried to follow this only when I started to feel exhausted pretty much all the time in the first 12 weeks. When I started to eat more often say every two hours, I felt less tired and could at least wait a bit longer for bedtime. The best way to beat the late afternoon sluggishness is to have a tall glass of fresh juice. I swear by this one as it kept me going till I got home and cooked dinner.
 Somewhere around the 9 month mark, I decided to go on maternity leave. The very thought of not going to have much time for myself for the next few months struck a chord quite suddenly.That was it. All I wanted to do was simply sit at home and do nothing for the last few weeks. Within the first week of staying at home and feeling rather bored, I enrolled myself into antenatal yoga classes. I had to take it easy as I was almost reaching full term. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the warm church floors with dim lights and soothing music every week for an hour was quite peaceful. If you have got more time to spare, then i think joining into these sessions right after 12 weeks would be a nice idea unlike me who did last minute.
  As I was nearing my due date, I found myself to be very restless but excited at the same time. And when it came to being in labour, I thought I was the woman who would never take epidural for pain relief but I did. And I might even take it again when I decide to have a second child 😉 This epidural slowed it all down and kept me sedated in labour for more than 24 hours while I could see my husband sleeping in the corner of the room probably only dreaming of seeing the little bundle. After all, I gave birth and as soon as I saw my baby, I just forgot what happened over the last 24 hours or maybe even the last few months. It was life-changing in a matter of few seconds. And was quite a tough first weeks just like for any new parents. Some of us are lucky to get help from family when we want but I only kept wondering how on earth do some people manage it all with little or no help. And while you slowly get used to taking care of a little person, you start to see how much of you has changed over a very short time. My body has never been the same since and I still don’t feel normal but I have learnt to love it with all my heart even with the fading stretch marks. So, no matter how the ride turns out to be, remind yourself that this too shall pass…..

Oh so Indecisive!


We are all constantly making decisions for so many things right from the time we wake up in the morning. Actually, it starts earlier than that in our house. My husband who remains calm and clear-headed under very tense situations amazes me when I see him setting up multiple alarms for the next morning. And the indecisiveness gets rather too much when I see him snoozing at least the first five of them not knowing which one to wake up for. It all seems too hard at times like this for us! It doesn’t stop there though. How about deciding what to eat? I still have those embarrassing moments in cafes where I stare at the menu for way too long to decide the fillings for my sandwiches and ended up picking only half decent choices and also complain about it. It gets worse if we decide to eat out at dinner too, as It feels almost impossible to make up our minds about where/what to order. The next horror lies in deciding what to wear. Many of my workday mornings have been wastefully spent in trying to choose a good dress which had lead to travelling in slow-trains or getting caught at traffic and thereby having to work late and not knowing if It was all worth it at the end of the day unless you have your favourite food bought home or cooked by the better half. I’d better stop at just a couple of instances or you are going to be mighty surprised.

Now, I know some of you are thinking why complicate little things that don’t quite matter as much as the bigger questions in life, while the rest of you are nodding your heads in agreement to all that I have said as you are all as indecisive as I am. No matter how indecisive you have been, once you enter parenthood, you are surely going to be better at thinking on your feet. For one thing, you will be pressed for time constantly and “this lack of time” realisation in the background helps a great deal. For the indecisive pisces that I am, motherhood has definitely made me a quick thinker although I am not meaning to say speed always equals smarts….