Our favourite baby books so far!

You may all probably know the importance of reading to your child. As an enthusiastic first time mum, I started to look for books when my peanut was about 4ish months but I only started reading to him regularly from 6months. At this stage, I understood that babies enjoy books not just by looking at pictures or listening to the rhythm in your voice  but also by tasting a few pages. As days passed by, It was actually amazing to see how entranced he was every time we read a book. Just so to understand his choices a little better,  I bought a few more books and laid them out along with his toys. Woah! It was quite astonishing to see him having a preference even at that age of 7months. Every time I read a book that was picked by him, I saw wonder in his eyes. Sometimes, he would go a bit wild by flapping his arms in such excitement when we land on his favourite page. I could see how much he enjoyed the whole thing. On the other hand, It also made me feel happy and relaxed when we did this kind of thing. He soon started to point at various things so I could tell him what it was and this way he got to learn a new word each day. Many evenings have been wonderfully tiring as we might have just said the same darn word like a twenty thirty times at one go. Besides improving literacy, I have now come to realise how reading together makes you feel much more closer to your baby. It is such a good thing! There are so many things that we can do with our children to keep them happy but only a few of those things come a long way. Reading is my best pick (besides sleeping together of course)

So, here’s what we love in no particular order( I do intend to keep adding more as we go on)

Books Blog 1

1) Dear Zoo – Fun, educative and lovely illustrations, easy lift the flap book- will keep your little ones busy for a few minutes while you bring your cup of coffee

2) The Very hungry Caterpillar – Fun, witty and a beautiful story how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

3)Elmers friends– A rather touchy one with a simple moral.

4)Twinkle Twinkle– The good ol’ rhyme in a book. Bright and beautiful stars- just what your baby will want to see before she/he goes to bed.

5) Baby’s day– This book was given to us by Bookstart as part of his newborn gift packs. Very cute pictures of babies in each page to bring a lot of smiles on your wee one’s face. Will help your baby understand and somewhat relate to the things she does in a day from the time of waking up to bedtime.

6) Baby’s First hundred words – We love it for the gorgeous pictures and nothing else.

7)The very Fidgety Fish– This is our first proper storybook. I am quite amazed myself with this one as it is such a nice book. My peanut just chats away nonstop to all the fish in the book. Besides being colourful and cute, the tale is quite the ordinary.

8)The Big Night Night book – So many things to look at and also a touchy-feely book. A perfect bedtime pick as the baby in the book is winding down by saying goodnight to each of her toys, books, clothes and what not. So can be a good idea to introduce this as part of your bedtime routine (Ahem! This one tops the list for my husband although he isn’t the touchy-feely type)

9) Our little gem of a book- BIRDS– It is a very simple one which my brother happened to buy off in one of those random religious book shops in Anna Nagar, Chennai while he was shopping for dad. He was so right! My boy never gets tired of reading it even after a ten times at one go. I know this so well and I actually made a tune of it which I sing ever so often these days (like when I am driving to the supermarket or loading the washing machine).

Life can get a lot more interesting when you introduce your child into the world of books.  I hope you enjoyed reading our picks and we would love to hear your thoughts if you get to read any of these or if you have already read them all.


4 thoughts on “Our favourite baby books so far!

  1. Priya says:

    Hi nice write up..
    Just want to know what types of book u introduced to ur lil one in the early crawling stages ..


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