IMG_3900Welcome to my blog!

I am Sandhya Kumar, a late twenty something, a 30 year old Mamma who loves her family to bits like most of you do. Family comes first at any point of time in my life. I have been very lucky to have been born to wonderful parents who have raised my brother(Vas) and me in the best surroundings possible with what they had and still do. So, a big thanks there!

The next best thing that has happened ever after is to have met my Better-half(Sak). Who wouldn’t want a husband who is always willing to walk to the fridge to fetch that ice cream you are craving in the middle of the night? Or even better drives you to the shop to buy your favourite one? On a serious note, I love the way he has accepted me for what I am really. I mean Its quite difficult to handle me when I am hungry and Sak has just been so cool and still retains his sanity. That could say alot about his patience. But here is the best bit, he has just become so much cooler now that he is a Dad.

Alright, the third member of our family, probably the most important character and whose name will appear ever so often on this blog is our darling boy Neil. He is now 14 months 2 year old and is such a charmer. I will save more details for an entire post about this man-cub of ours.

For now, my small world is keeping me so busy that I have had not much time to even think of anything else other than when I can get to sleep next. But, most of these “busy days” are only so good that I just want to rewind and feel it all over again. Although life doesn’t allow you to go back for real, there is Internet and technology to help you a little bit to relive your favourite moments. So, this blog is partly an attempt to save it all somewhere and partly in case any of you are interested in sharing new ideas related to parenting, recipes and just general banter.

Whatever has brought you to this page, Now that you are here, I hope you find enough reasons to come time and again 🙂

Warmest Regards





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