One long bumpy ride (If you will excuse the pun)

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Being pregnant, as almost every woman would say is probably the next best thing to becoming the bride or even better than that for me actually. Although nothing beats the joy of “being” a mother for me now. Anyway, I did enjoy being the bride and all the attention but the love and support you get while you are sporting that bump is quite a special feeling. Be it from your family stuffing you with a lot of food or from a stranger trying to give you more room to walk through, it sure makes you feel good. You feel like you are the most important person wherever you go other than the maternity clinic of course. I tried to be active for the most part of my pregnancy and decided to work until I was almost 9 months through. Purely because I could shop almost every Friday on my way back from home. Sometimes, I wandered aimlessly inside the London Victoria station with a cup of hot chocolate and have ended up missing trains on many such occasions with no regret. I thought this was a good exercise for my body, going in and out of shops and changing my mind and again getting into the same store to buy what I thought was kind of rubbish at first. Oh dear oh dear!what a silly! Anyhow, the aim of this post is to only give you some sort of comfort if you are up the duff.

That Yucky yeww nauseating feeling during the first trimester can really make you feel horrible and weird. Yes, weird!!! Because you might surprise yourself by starting to hate things that you’ve always loved eating or the other way around. But, somehow my hormones didn’t over react to any type of food although I do remember a couple of days when I was so badly craving for a bunch of radish. Nothing else bothered me much! I even enjoyed my morning cup of coffee pretty much on all days. So, if you are one of those suffering from severe morning sickness, then just try to relax and do what your body tells you to do. Even if it is asking you to get that chocolate ice cream or a jar of nutella, go for it but set your limits too. Carrying all that weight can really strain your back muscles a lot. I was often complaining about back pains more so with the daily commute to work with my handbag and always holding some food or drink too(Yes,I could not stop eating). The only thing I did was to relax and take plenty of rest. Sometimes, even a nice warm bath can help too. You might have already known that eating a good variety of food often, in small quantities will keep your energy levels up during the day. I tried to follow this only when I started to feel exhausted pretty much all the time in the first 12 weeks. When I started to eat more often say every two hours, I felt less tired and could at least wait a bit longer for bedtime. The best way to beat the late afternoon sluggishness is to have a tall glass of fresh juice. I swear by this one as it kept me going till I got home and cooked dinner.
 Somewhere around the 9 month mark, I decided to go on maternity leave. The very thought of not going to have much time for myself for the next few months struck a chord quite suddenly.That was it. All I wanted to do was simply sit at home and do nothing for the last few weeks. Within the first week of staying at home and feeling rather bored, I enrolled myself into antenatal yoga classes. I had to take it easy as I was almost reaching full term. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the warm church floors with dim lights and soothing music every week for an hour was quite peaceful. If you have got more time to spare, then i think joining into these sessions right after 12 weeks would be a nice idea unlike me who did last minute.
  As I was nearing my due date, I found myself to be very restless but excited at the same time. And when it came to being in labour, I thought I was the woman who would never take epidural for pain relief but I did. And I might even take it again when I decide to have a second child 😉 This epidural slowed it all down and kept me sedated in labour for more than 24 hours while I could see my husband sleeping in the corner of the room probably only dreaming of seeing the little bundle. After all, I gave birth and as soon as I saw my baby, I just forgot what happened over the last 24 hours or maybe even the last few months. It was life-changing in a matter of few seconds. And was quite a tough first weeks just like for any new parents. Some of us are lucky to get help from family when we want but I only kept wondering how on earth do some people manage it all with little or no help. And while you slowly get used to taking care of a little person, you start to see how much of you has changed over a very short time. My body has never been the same since and I still don’t feel normal but I have learnt to love it with all my heart even with the fading stretch marks. So, no matter how the ride turns out to be, remind yourself that this too shall pass…..

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