Oh so Indecisive!


We are all constantly making decisions for so many things right from the time we wake up in the morning. Actually, it starts earlier than that in our house. My husband who remains calm and clear-headed under very tense situations amazes me when I see him setting up multiple alarms for the next morning. And the indecisiveness gets rather too much when I see him snoozing at least the first five of them not knowing which one to wake up for. It all seems too hard at times like this for us! It doesn’t stop there though. How about deciding what to eat? I still have those embarrassing moments in cafes where I stare at the menu for way too long to decide the fillings for my sandwiches and ended up picking only half decent choices and also complain about it. It gets worse if we decide to eat out at dinner too, as It feels almost impossible to make up our minds about where/what to order. The next horror lies in deciding what to wear. Many of my workday mornings have been wastefully spent in trying to choose a good dress which had lead to travelling in slow-trains or getting caught at traffic and thereby having to work late and not knowing if It was all worth it at the end of the day unless you have your favourite food bought home or cooked by the better half. I’d better stop at just a couple of instances or you are going to be mighty surprised.

Now, I know some of you are thinking why complicate little things that don’t quite matter as much as the bigger questions in life, while the rest of you are nodding your heads in agreement to all that I have said as you are all as indecisive as I am. No matter how indecisive you have been, once you enter parenthood, you are surely going to be better at thinking on your feet. For one thing, you will be pressed for time constantly and “this lack of time” realisation in the background helps a great deal. For the indecisive pisces that I am, motherhood has definitely made me a quick thinker although I am not meaning to say speed always equals smarts….


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