Chickpea Raita/Dip


It has been a long week for various reasons. But that doesn’t mean we ate boring meals. Chickpeas are much loved in our house and after making a little batch of sundal(spiced chickpeas)the other day , We had some leftover Chickpeas/Channa and so I decided to quickly whip up a dip. This was made to go with a simple Wheat Upma which would’ve tasted rather bland without any side. Upma is usually had with chutneys,pickles or Sambar. But this combination brought a lovely change.

I will get straight down to the recipe.

A Cup of Chickpeas

Chopped onions -1 

One Green chilly

Coriander leaves



Coconut powder or finely grated coconut 

Cumin powder

For the seasoning- Mustard seeds and some oil

Heat up some oil, add mustard seeds, green chilly and onions. Lightly saute onions and then add cooked chickpeas, salt and turmeric. Give a good mix and add coconut powder and coriander leaves and switch off the flame immediately to avoid burning coconut.

Beat yoghurt till smooth and add the above mixture and sprinkle some cumin powder on top for that earthy flavour to come through.

I am quite sure this dip would go well with vermicelli upma or biryani as well although I am yet to try it myself.


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