Smoothie Trails #2 The very Berry Smoothie! 

Sometimes, when words are not enough to explain how one feels, there is always food. Food is also a form of a love. Atleast to me it is. I think it’s my duty to make good food regardless what we have been through the day. Because good food comforts you. But it is also my duty to make food that not only comforts the soul but also nourishes the body. And I am on a hunt to find recipes that can give you that instant gratification yet not increase your waist size. I may or may not end up finding many such recipes but for now, I am going to do my best and blend it all away to make smoothies. 

Here I present to you, the Very Berry Smoothie that may not give you an instant kick like a Oreo milkshake  but it surely is going to some good for the body. 

Here’s what you need : 

Mixed berries – I used fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. More of blueberries as we are a little partial to those little beauties. 

Milk or yoghurt – your favourite kind 

Oats or granola- you can skip this if you want to have a light drink. This time I chose to add some granola with raisins for a little bit of sweetness as berries are mostly tart. 

A spoon of Dark Cocoa powder – optional 

I also added a scoop of whey protein for my husband. But I would’ve preferred it without. 

Blend it all together till you reach a smoothie like consistency and there you have it. 


One thought on “Smoothie Trails #2 The very Berry Smoothie! 

  1. omawasthiin says:

    Sometimes, when words are not enough to explain how one feels, there is a motion pictures(Videos). Publish your videos if you are making them. They will be step to step guide with visual delight to us.


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