Goodbye Summer with yet another recipe

Summertime means a lot more than ever since I have been living in Britain. Having said that, whatever the weather brings, I just have to talk about it simply because thats what many people do here. That doesn’t make me feel entirely British but I love to use it as a conversation starter while I am out and about. Some people are so likeable at the first instant, and I don’t want to miss a chance to exchange some good words. So, when I start to talk about the weather, I know that the other person is most definitely going to respond. Now, we have all been told not to talk to strangers and in fact I might tell that to my son too. But in a place like Britain or even America for that matter, I have noticed a majority of people greet you with a smile to the least while you are simply walking by or sharing a lift. Thats one thing I wish I could experience in India because ever so often when I go back home, I find myself smiling so much only to realise that people are always in a hurry and just don’t notice or they simply think I am mad. Very very few of them stop and smile genuinely. Well, each to their own!

Going back to talking about summer, I am a little sad that its almost over now and so quickly too. For one thing, I will miss taking my little man-cub to the park on his cute shorts and tees and also the many ice creams that followed after. So, we have decided we would wish for brighter days even in the peak of winter just so we can at least breathe in some fresh air and wave to all the buses and cars passing by. One another thing that screams summer to us is berries. Especially, Strawberries!!! Just like how many of us wait for Mangoes to pop up in India every summer, we wait for strawberries here. My husband, sometimes thinks we have probably spent the most money on these berries than anything else every week. But, ignoring his comments has become quite a habit these days. So, maybe he is a little glad that we wont buy too many boxes of berries for a while but we have plenty of other choices for autumn and winter and spring too!

As we kiss goodbye to summer and also to finish off the last few berries from the fridge, I decided to whip up a quick dessert for us over the last weekend. Before getting onto the recipe, I have to tell you where the inspiration came from. On our recent holiday in Dubai, we indulged quite a bit. Isn’t that the law anyway? Extra food, extra cuddles, extra sleep and everything a bit too much on a holiday. So, one of the days we ordered for a luscious dessert with greek yoghurt, honey, figs and nuts. That sure sounded hopelessly exotic when I first read it on the menu. But when I actually tasted it, it was so simple that I could see all my senses working in perfect harmony to guess each ingredient that went into it. It was basically a huge serving on greek yoghurt flavoured with honey and topped with grilled figs and pistachios. And needless to say, it was one scrumptious thing. Ever since, I have been trying to make that at home. As I didn’t plan ahead, I thought I will just use the berries as topping for our recipe. It was obviously different from what we had in Dubai, but It sure did remind me of the good times from our holiday.

Here is all you need :

Plain Greek Yoghurt- As needed ( I would one half a cup to one cup per portion)

Honey- About a tablespoon for each portion

Sliced pistachios – Just a few to sprinkle

Any fruits of your choice

Take a dessert bowl, add the greek yoghurt. Do not whip or mix just spoon them straight from the container. Now drizzle honey all over. Then top it off with fruits and pistachios and serve.

IMG_6741 Berry post

I have not followed any rules for arranging the fruits as I like to give it a homemade look rather than a Michelin Star recipe. So, serve as you please and enjoy!


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