A city break in Beautiful Edinburgh!

Edinburgh has been on my list of cities to visit ever since I moved to the UK. I am so glad we finally made it this year. Although most people say summer is the best time to go, we decided to take the plunge and hit the road for Spring bank holiday weekend.  It turned out to be a lovely time of the year as the city just sparkled with all the blossoms out in parks and squares. There is something really nice and refreshing about Spring Sunshine. We were lucky to have a couple of bright sunny days but unfortunately Scotland sees more than its fair share of wet weather. A good thing given too much but didnt stop us from having fun. We only sat inside in our pyjamas chit-chatting and dancing to the little boys tunes.

I wanted the entire trip to be free and easy because I have to guard nap times for Neil. Naps are so important to us. We wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world other than a large cone of Vanilla & Honey ice-cream. So, for the most part, we planned our outings sensibly so he could take his routine naps and we could all feel less miserable at the end of the day.

We were twice as lucky with finding a lovely self catered home for our stay in one of the most affluent areas in Edinburgh. It is called the Marchmont area, which apparently is a residential place and not the touristy kind of spot for accommodation. The house we stayed in had a lovely view of the Meadows Park which was bursting with colours of spring. Besides, we were only a few minutes away from the city centre and enjoyed taking lovely walks in the neighbourhood.  For our meal times, we tried and cooked for a couple of days and ate out for the rest. My super-mom made it unforgettable by making masala dosas for the coldest day of the trip. Fresh water is something that we all crave for in a new town. Much to our delight, the tap-water here was just so reviving.

Here are a few pictures around the most famous spots and some not so 😉

Edinburgh P1

Ed Water P6

Edinburgh P2

edinburgh P3

Ed P7

edinburgh p4 edinburgh p5

All in all, this city was quite special and we cannot wait to go back again.


One thought on “A city break in Beautiful Edinburgh!

  1. Rithu says:

    Hi Sandhya!! 😀 Just finished reading this post, with a smile on my face, throughout! 🙂 Both your parents are with you at the moment? So nice! Hope you all are doing very well. Love the photo of you in the middle of all those lovely pink flowers. And nice aerial shot in the last picture! Look forward to your next upload! 🙂


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