Roasted garlic and butternut squash soup

I have to admit I don’t make soups very often. Firstly, most of the recipes call for some kind of stock to be added and that sort of puts me off. Not because I hate stock solutions but simply because I hate store brought stock and I am lazy to make my own. Plus, I am very particular about what I like to eat. By particular, I only mean I love to eat vegetarian food all the time. But I also love to eat fish just as much. So, I am a vegetarian except for that beautiful slice of salmon I may have been eating every other week 😀

Many soups often require addition of chicken/beef stock which I do not like to use. Although making my own vegetable stock could be an option, I am not very keen on stock-making honestly. I would rather have a soup without it. One such soup I decided to whip up is this roasted garlic and butternut squash soup. I had a craving for a creamy soup with buttery toast to dunk in it. So, the result was this bowl of deliciousness. I kind of surprised myself as I never thought I could make a decent soup. I have tried making soups earlier but none that I wanted to make again.  But this recipe worked very well. My little fellow enjoyed it which makes it a big win.

This is a perfect recipe to start off with if you are a beginner to soup-making like myself. Requires no stock at all!

Here’s what you need:

A cup of roughly cut butternut squash/sweet pumpkin

Atleast two cloves of garlic but not more than four

Double cream/milk – Just enough to thin the soup down

Butter – According to preference

Salt and pepper- According to preference

In a sauce pan, add some oil or butter. Once hot, add garlic and roast till brown. Now add the squash. sprinkle little water and cover and cook in low flame till the squash is soft and can be mashed easily with a spoon. It took me about 8 minutes. Take it off heat and let it cool. Blend it with a little bit of salt till it becomes a nice puree. Now, put the sauce pan back on heat with some more butter or oil. Add the puree and double cream/milk to thin it down to desired consistency. Let it simmer in low flame for a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can do a salt check and add black pepper too. Serve it with warm bread or croutons. I served it with some  wholemeal breadsticks.


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