Ten(plus one) things we love about Autumn!

In our part of the world, the leaves have started to turn. So, being in trend with the seasons, I thought I will do a short post on a few things that make this one of our favourite seasons. We love all seasons actually for different reasons obviously. But, for now, it is Autumn and here is what we are excited about:

  1. On our evening walk in the park the other day, we happened to stamp on a few fallen leaves. And we kind of loved the rusty look of it and also the crunchy crumbly noise it made. Looking forward to jumping on a pile very soon.
  2. Colours colours colours! It will soon be all red and orange everywhere and we love wearing autumn colours too. I mean, would you not love a dark red or a maroon jumper or a sweater with an orange scarf to go with it? And maybe a hat too? Oh we can give you some good advise on fashion if only we stopped confusing purple and violet first.
  3. Apples and pumpkins. Not sure if they will go well together in a recipe but they look so darn pretty at least on the kitchen counter. As Its the peak of English apples and I am planning to bake something full of apple soon.Another excuse to eat more cake. Any recipe ideas???
  4. We love brewing up some tea with lots of cinnamon and a bit of ginger on a slightly chilly evening just so it smells like autumn in our house. Enough said. What are your favourite spices for this season?
  5. This weather makes us want to cuddle up in the evening as opposed to bright summer evenings where we only wanted to drink and chill outside on the grass. So, we love autumn for extra cuddles.
  6. This year, we are loving autumn for a very new reason. It is for Downton Abbey. The last season is on air every week now and we are just as excited to know how it all ends.
  7. I cannot even begin to tell you how much we love butternut squash. Mainly the south indian style Kootu/curry that is made with this humble yet warming vegetable. A simple kootu or a plate of roasted squash is loved by both the men at home. And this season is just another excuse for making it more than twice a week sometimes.
  8. Being the hardcore Indian that I am, I love it that Diwali/Deepavali happens to fall in this season 😉 So, we get to light up the house with lovely scents of candle lights and make it all look festive and fun.
  9. Somehow, I find this season to be a bit mysterious. Do you feel it too? Its the in-between season to bright and dark(I mean summer and winter) so this sort of brings in a mystifying effect which I really like.
  10. What more than counting days until its time for snow and santa claus and hot chocolate. We love the fact that its going to be Christmas time very soon….

Oh did I just forget to tell you how much I loved going to work in November. Simply because, I loved spotting Mo trains that support the Movember charity foundation.

So what are your favourite things about Autumn?

Pic Courtesy : Unknown


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