Jazzed up noodles

Last weekend on Saturday night, we decided to go out for a meal at one of our favourite American style Burger joints in the heart of London. Mind you, we have only eaten here twice and it is a family favourite already. Yes I say family because my little boy is becoming quite the hipster chomping off fries and burgers on Saturday night with mamma and daddy. I think his attitude was cool. Well, at least for now I think it is because I cannot imagine what would I become if I ever saw him doing this as a teenager.

In the theme of teenagers and attitude, I am somehow yet to understand what joy does partying late brings? As a teenager,I might have been the girl who did think it was cool to have a boyfriend but I never liked the idea of staying out late. Not that I went out an awful lot but wherever I went, I always liked to be home by 9. It just never appealed to me. Perhaps, I was only made for making desserts at home at midnight than wobble around in high heels. Or its the insanity that runs in the family who just hardly stay out late. Whatever be it, it’s been for good.

So, on the saturday night that we went out to dine, we ended up walking around some of London’s busiest streets and I found myself rather worried and full of guilt. It was only around 8pm when we started to walk around after food, and even then I felt it was too late to be out with a 18month old who was anyways happily watching buses after buses go by. I could see myself pushing my husband to walk as fast as he could. I only feel sorry for him today because it must have been so hard for him to walk fast after a heavy meal followed by a giant cookie milkshake. But whats the point of all this you may ask? Yes, it is the constant feeling of guilt when you have just become a mother. No matter how happy one seems on the face, the heart is always itching to be the perfect mother who never stays out late and never lets anyone think she is not being good enough. I am ever so thankful to my mother for passing on this Fire-in-the-belly attitude.

Okay, okay enough of all this staying-out late and super mother malarkey, I am leaving you with a rather delicious recipe. It is by far the simplest noodles I have ever made. Wholesome and worthy!

Egg/eggless noodles of your choice – one pack

Mixed peppers – as much colours as you can get

Thinly Sliced onions -from one onion

One garlic – sliced thinly

Broccoli florets – a few

Shredded cabbage – handful

Red chilli powder – according to your spice preference

Salt to taste

A little bit of oil to sauté onions and garlic

Boil a pan of water to cook the noodles as per instructions on pack (adding a little oil in the water will help separate out the strands easily)

On an another wok or kadai heat a spoon or two of oil and sauté onions and garlic till slightly brown.

Then add all the vegetables at once and let it cook for few minutes. When it’s almost cooked but still a bit crunchy add the cooked noodles and salt and chilli powder. At this stage better to keep the heat on medium to be able to give one good mix. And leave it on low heat for five minutes. If you think it looks a bit dry then sprinkle little bit of water and mix again. After five minutes on low heat and ten minutes off the stove, this is ready to enjoy.

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One thought on “Jazzed up noodles

  1. Archana says:

    Easy, tasty and healthy 🙂 I am not an expert in making awesome noodles unlike Yd but I any day love to have noodles made at home by him 🙂 Just a silimar recipe as yours 🙂


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