A little reminiscing about being “small”

It is a dark friday afternoon and I love rains. I am feeling rather blue today although I could be feeling excited because its almost weekend and we get to spend a lot of time together as a family. But sometimes, we all have one of those days where you only want to sit back and recapture the past just so you could be little and silly. Yes, I am only talking about the glorious childhood days. Being little people was so much fun. Your fellow little friends didn’t care a bit about how you looked or what you ate or anything of that sort. Nobody ever sat down and thought how perfect he/she was because we were so good like that to like each other with our retro hairstyles and messy attitudes. The only thing that mattered was being there for each other. Be it for sharpening pencils or sharing lunches, it was only about living in the moment. The only time I would have ever thought of the future was to answer the good old question of who I wanted to become when I grow older.Quite literally, future seemed like a very distant thing. So life was mostly chit-chatting with friends apart from homework and family outings.

Today, I am here in charge of one little person who is constantly reminding me to enjoy rather than endure life. This little person also takes me straight back to my little old self ever so often and makes me feel all so touchy-feely. As embarrassing as it may sound to some of you, I am quite compelled to blurt out how much I miss my friends. Despite all the lows and highs that we all sail through as part of living, I am quite pleased to say I have still managed to hold a few of them, Touch wood!

Although life gets incredibly beautiful when you get married and even more so after having a child of your own, I will always miss being with my friends just like old times.


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