Because I’m happy….

Here are a few things(not in any particular order) that make me terribly happy about being a mother

1. The sweetness of watching him play with the humble potato

2. The way he smells after a bath

2. How hard we laugh over silly things (Like how he kept the tiny car on my mother’s head and wanted her to nod her head a hundred times just so the car would fall and he can laugh)

3. Watching those random cute shivers he gets when cold

4. The honest hugs and wet kisses all over my face

5. The wonder in his eyes while we snuggle up to read a book

6. How he perks up excitedly every time we turn the blender on

7. The constant reminder to learn to live a selfless life (Oh yes the secret is I am selfish! Please ask my husband about all my complaints on lack of sleep)

8. Bedtime

9. Love how he is never tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

10. Those extra extra cuddles to daddy at night just so he can get away with being late to bed

11. Those cute little dance moves while we listen to “Pink Lips Pink lips”

12. The way you are speeding behind granddad to his bedroom just so you can raid his cupboard.

13. How you annoy Vas Mama by throwing all your toys on his bed and enjoy sitting on him.

14. The tuneless version of rhymes that we all sing to you

15. Constant babbling that sounds like the most sweetest language ever

Oh its always the little things that mean a lot. Stopping to breathe and being “there” can make you feel good instantly. Do you get your kicks from these sort of things too?


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