Most of us look at playing as a another way to relax than learn.That again depends on the kind of game you choose. If you choose one that is quite simple like sorting the cards into similar groups then it probably is not going to need as much attention that is required for a game of chess or scrabble. I hope you get the idea. So there are ones where you can have casual conversations and still manage to play while there are many that can only be played if you concentrate hard enough. However, the world of games is so huge and I am no expert in knowing the types and rules. But what I do love is the idea of playing. And I am glad most of my family are game lovers too. When we get together with the cousins, some of us love playing scrabble while the boys are always running over to football or ping pong. So, the kind of games we all like is not always the same. And Some card games and the ones like Monopoly usually end up in rivalry. Ever since, we are always looking out for new games that are more co-operative just so we can all feel like we have had a good time. The best pick for lesser rivalry is Settlers of Catan. Thanks to the husband for the great choice. By far, our most favourite ones are Scrabble, Settlers of Catan and Tickets-to-ride, Carrom and the very traditional Tamil game of Pallanguzhi(mostly played by mom and me). So, if you love either/all of these, then you can be sure we adore you already. _MG_5728

Call me old-fashioned, but I am no big fan of video games. Playing on any electronic device makes me feel like I have nothing left in the world to do. I find it rather annoying if I may say so. All you video-game lovers out there might hate me for saying this. But the truth is I just cannot understand most of it and I don’t even want to. I have actually tried playing some of the games on Xbox, and a few on the Ipad, not that I got addicted to any of them.My very own folks have their favourite ones, but I don’t love them any lesser even though they pretend like they are actually listening to me while they are busy looking down and upping their scores most of the times.

No matter how and what you play, playing is just fun.

Now it’s your turn to list your favourites!


2 thoughts on “Frolicksomeness

  1. Rithu says:

    I’ve heard so much about Settlers of Catan. Does it really live up to the hype? I’m quite curious to know, as I’ve been thinking about getting one myself…


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