A few “Madras” things

A city that is known only for hot weather was showered with way too much rain for nearly a month. So much so that almost the entire city was under water for nearly three days this week.  And as I type, there are still some areas that are water-logged, and people stranded in streets with … Continue reading A few “Madras” things

Chennai Temple Trails

                     My first online sketch using my feather light brain.    So, I have been thinking of doing a series of posts on the best things in and around this city where I originally come from. The city as of now is sinking in parts with some … Continue reading Chennai Temple Trails

Home is definitely where the heart is

In this new age, almost every house has one person who lives far far away for various reasons. Whether it is the software engineer son who is sent away for a two-year stint to the states or some random country in Europe or the rather simple daughter who gets married to one and tags along with the … Continue reading Home is definitely where the heart is