Broccoli & cauliflower puttu

I love my vegetables and what I love even more is coming up with new dishes where I can happily add two or more vegetables into one dish. And one of my recent experiments to make a dish quickly with broccoli and leftover cauliflower turned out to be a lovely combination indeed. Broccoli cauliflower puttu … Continue reading Broccoli & cauliflower puttu

Cheesy Broccoli- oh so easy! 

A while ago, this green goodness wasn't as popular as it is in India today. Some people still have no clue although I don't blame them. I believe it was not as abundantly consumed as it was in the west then. Maybe because it hasn't got that "yum" feeling like fried okra/ladies finger or say even … Continue reading Cheesy Broccoli- oh so easy!